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Is your skin holding you back from being the confident, true person you are.. without makeup?

You want (or have) beautifully microbladed brows, but struggle because your skin just won’t cooperate?

I’ve been there. I used to break out, get blackheads, and have pores the size of craters (you should have seen my nose). It can get frustrating, especially on the days when you just want to get up and go about your day without putting on a full face of makeup.

The good news is, there are many steps and ways to improve the health of your skin, no matter how crazy your breakouts may seem to get.

Full disclosure – I’m no dermatologist, or doctor for that matter. But I can share with you all the ways I keep my skin glowing year round, and have seen the same techniques work on many others as well!

The Importance Of Skin Health & Microblading

Having healthy skin is important when you are looking to get your eyebrows done.

The texture of your skin can really affect the healed outcome of the microblading. Oily skin can cause microbladed lines to heal blurry; porous skin can cause less crisp lines; and other breakouts, pimples, and blackheads can affect the placement of the hair strokes.

We obviously want to give you brows that are as close to perfect as possible. Taking steps prior to your microblading appointment to clear up your skin will benefit you, the artist, and your healed results!


1. Healthy Skin Starts On The Inside


The skin is an organ. When we put oily, unhealthy, and toxic products into our bodies, it will often show in the appearance of our skin.

The best and most effective way to help heal your skin is to adapt a healthier diet. This can mean you incorporate more fruits, veggies, greens, and beans into your daily life. Or, it could mean cutting back on things like oil, processed sugary products, alcohol, and dairy.

When we consume these unhealthy products, our body’s natural reaction is to detox itself; this may often cause the appearance of breakouts. So, eating unhealthy foods consistently may be causing these unpleasant pimples.

Drinking more water also has a very cleansing effect on the skin. Try drinking a glass of lemon water every morning instead of a sugary latte; or, be mindful of drinking a full water bottle throughout your day.


2. Create A Healthy-Skin Routine

If you’re already feeding your body with healthy products, but are still struggling with breakouts, you may need to re-assess your skincare routine.

My favourite way to cleanse my skin is simply to wash my face before bed with warm water, and pat dry with a towel. This removes any makeup, nasty buildup, and gently cleans the surface.

I repeat the same process every morning before applying any makeup.

I suggest being very careful with abrasive products like facial scrubs, masks, and exfoliates, as these may cause more harm than good. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals we aren’t aware of. Or, they may simply dry the skin out, causing oily outbreaks as a response.

When it comes to your skincare routine, keep it natural, gentle, and clean.


3. Products That Will Transform Your Face

Even if you have the ideal diet and perfect skincare routine, there are products out there that can create a very feel-good sensation that comes with taking those extra steps for your skin!

Adding a couple natural products to your skin daily can help you glow like never before.

I have 3 favourites, and they’re SO simple and highly effective…

  • Aloe Vera
  • Almond oil
  • Complexion spray

Every morning, after I wash my face and before I apply any makeup, I mist my face with a complexion spray. Thankfully I found a natural, clean option that has been working wonders for my face! Made from mainly coconut water, this mist works to naturally close your pores, and prevent breakouts from makeup, while evening out your complexion.

Every night, after I wash my face and remove my makeup, I treat my skin to some organic Aloe Vera. It’s super soothing and creates a very clean feel to my face!

Right after, I then apply a bit of almond oil. This has been said to be very healthy for the skin, as it keeps the skin tight with continued use, and minimizes wrinkles in the long run.


There You Glow, Baby!

Now that we’ve covered all the foundations that lead to healthier skin, give these a go! Try them out for a period of time, and see what kind of results you get.

Not only is healthy skin important for having high-quality microblading results, but it may also give you that little boost of confidence you’re looking for in your day-to-day life!

Let me know down below – what has been your biggest struggle with your skin? Do you have a solid skincare routine? What’s your favourite product for a natural glow? I’d love to try it out!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment, or contact me at ashley@flawlessedgebeauty.com.

Shine on, gorgeous!



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