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Product: Tina Davies PMU Pigment Collection

Price: $199

Where To Buy: TinaDavies.ca, Amazon.ca

Features: Colour chart, 8 1/2 oz bottles, vegan, cruelty-free, sterilized

My Rating: 9.5/10

Tina Davies Pigment Overview

I wanted to create a review and share why I choose Tina Davies, every single time. I’ve been using this brand from the beginning, and I’m always in love with my results!

If you’re a PMU artist looking for a high-quality, clean brand that you can trust, Tina Davies is the way to go.

I use Tina Davies Pigments for each and every one of my clients. These pigments were developed exclusively by Tina Davies, the queen of PMU, in a way that will keep colour selection simple for the artist. The set includes 7 pre-modified colours as well as a shading solution.

Ingredients include pigments, glycerin, witch hazel, aqua, rosin, benzyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol. They are sterilized, vegan, and cruelty-free.

How Are They Used?

Tina Davies Pigments are great for both microblading and machine work.

They provide a perfect range of shades to suit any skin tone or hair colour, making them easy to use.

They give long-lasting and predictable results; they feature great retention because they are ultra-concentrated and stable colours. This pigment collection takes the guesswork out of your art.

Simple Colour Selection

I love how easy-to-use the Tina Davies collection is. For every client, I can find a perfect match by using the colour chart that is included in the set, as well as swatching a bit of ink on my client near the brow area.

The bottle is very easy to use with one hand, as the lid easily pops open and closed with the press of my thumb.

Colours in the set include:

  • Ash Brown
  • Grey
  • Blonde
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Bold Brown
  • Ebony
  • Shading Solution

The colours are as-is when they heal – no funny colour changing as they fade either!

Great Price Point

The whole collection costs about $200, putting each bottle at about $28 (excluding shading solution). Very affordable in the long run for us PMU artists!

Although it is slightly cheaper to order from the Tina Davies website, if you’re in a pinch and run out, these pigments are also available on Amazon for a much faster delivery, if need be.

As I am with Friends Of Tina Davies, I’m happy to offer 15% off her products!

Just use the code FLAWLESSEDGE15 at checkout on the Tina Davies website. Make it a solid order, though – the code is one-time use. 🙂

You can also order each pigment bottle individually at a slightly higher cost, for higher convenience. I often do bulk orders of supplies on Amazon, so adding in a pigment or two makes my life a lot easier.

Clean, Safe, Vegan

It’s very important to me that my clients get the best of the best in terms of quality, safety, and health.

That’s why choosing this brand is a perfect option – all the pigments are sterilized by gamma rays. They are also fully vegan and not tested on animals.


Invest In High Quality – For You & Your Clients

There are many other PMU pigment brands out there, but if you’re looking for the best results possible, go with Tina Davies PMU Pigments.

I know I can trust Tina Davies because she puts quality first. Knowing that the best results I’ve seen, and created myself, have come from using this brand, I wouldn’t want to use anything else!

Your clients (and their brows) will thank you.

Questions about the Tina Davies collection? Drop them below! Or let me know YOUR experience using these pigments. I’d love to hear your take!

Here’s to beautiful brows,




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