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Microblading is one of the most popular forms of permanent makeup right now – and for good reason.

Having a procedure that allows you more free time, easier care, and effortless appearance sounds like a great idea!

But whether you’re new to microblading, or simply deciding whether it’s right for you – I’ve created a guide that answers all the most commonly asked questions when it comes to microbladed brows!

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure. Yes, even though it is semi-permanent and typically fades every 1-3 years, it is still classified as a tattoo.

The process of microblading involves a very fine line of needles, of which the artist uses to create feather-like strokes in the upper layer of the skin.

The end result of microblading is typically a very natural, feathered look. The goal is to even out, shape, and create definition to existing brow hair, or create a natural-looking brow where none existed before.

Who Can Get Microblading?

Microblading is not for everyone.

People with certain medical conditions are not a good match for microblading.

Those who have oily skin can get microblading, however they may experience results that are not like the original end result, as oily skin may tend to cause hairstrokes to heal blurry.

Women who are pregnant/nursing should not have microblading.

Find more information on who is a good candidate for microblading HERE

How Do I Prepare For Microblading?

When preparing for your microblading procedure, it’s important that the proper criteria are met; otherwise, the artist may refuse to perform the microblading on you.

This includes no caffeine and alcohol, no exercising, and no Advil, aspirin, or ibuprofen 24 hours before.

There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration when preparing to get your brows done. You can read my full description here on HOW TO PREPARE.

Does Microblading Hurt?

Everyone has a different tolerance when it comes to pain.

Generally speaking, however, microblading shouldn’t hurt all that much.

Depending on the amount of numbing cream the artist uses, and how your body metabolizes the numbing cream, will ultimately affect how much pain you feel during the procedure.

There are some other factors that will affect the amount of pain, including whether you’re on your period, if you drank caffeine, and length of the procedure.

I use an ample amount of numbing cream, which usually lasts the whole procedure. I also use a second numbing agent between passes to keep the numbness going. Should the numbing wear off, I will do my best to apply more until you are comfortable.

What Is The Aftercare For Microblading?

Aftercare for microblading can be summed up into one easy statement: KEEP YOUR BROWS CLEAN AND DRY.

If the aftercare is not followed exactly, your brows may not heal crisp and defined as they appear on the day of your appointment.

My full aftercare package can be found here, which includes all the details about cleaning and what to avoid: AFTERCARE

How Do I Choose A Brow Artist?

Choosing a brow artist can be one of the most difficult tasks.

But it doesn’t have to be, if you know what to look for!

Note that the brow artist you choose often depends on your budget, the style of brows you like, and your location.

Be sure to thoroughly do your research on different artists in the area. It can be helpful to ask yourself, or the artist, these questions:

Is this artist certified?

Does this artist have a portfolio?

Do I enjoy the style of brows in their portfolio?

What is the artists’ experience or background?

What does the price include in the appointment?

Is this artist easy to communicate with?

Are there any reviews of this artists’ service? What are they like?

…Keep in mind that these are guidelines. Remember that the artist you choose will be tattooing on your face, so they also should be easy to communicate with and are able to help, should you have any questions.

How Much Does Microblading Cost?

The price of microblading will vary from location, to artist, to experience.

Often, new artists will call for models at a very reduced rate, or free, to build their portfolio.

However, prices can range anywhere from $200 to $900+.

Once again, it is helpful to do some research and compare cost to quality in your area.

What Happens During A Microblading Appointment?

At my microblading appointments, I want to make sure I give each client the best quality possible.

Upon arrival, you will meet me 🙂 and I will give you some forms to fill out (it’s good to arrive 5-10 minutes early to do this).

First, I begin with your consultation. We discuss your current brows, how you want them to look, any examples you may have, and desired shape and colour.

We will then proceed with before photos, if permitted. It’s fun to see the results side-by-side!

Next, I will map out your brows using some tools and makeup. Everything will be measured out, so we can get them as symmetrical as possible!

Once we agree on a shape, I will swatch some pigment for you to see, and we will choose the one that best matches your natural hair and brows.

After that, I will mark the outline with a skin marker so the result matches the shape perfectly. I then apply the numbing cream, which will sit for about 20-30 minutes before I begin microblading.

The mapping and numbing will take up almost half of the appointment time.

Once you’re numb, you can relax and I will get to work, creating your new brows!

After the procedure is finished, I let you take a look and we can perfect the final details if need be. Usually the client is happy, and any other adjustments are best made at your free touchup!

I will take some after photos, give you aftercare advice, and then you’re all set. 🙂

Enjoy your new brows!

Does Microblading Fade?

Typically, the pigment in microblading will fade anywhere from 30-50% during healing.

Remember this, especially on the first few days of healing – as the brows scab and heal, they may appear much darker for a bit!

There are also many factors that could cause undesired fading, such as very oily/porous skin, sun exposure, getting the brows wet, smoking, exercise, picking the scabs, and lifestyle/conditions not known to the artist.

For a full explanation of the causes of fading, check out the AFTERCARE section.

Do I Need A Touch-Up? Why?

Almost all microblading procedures require at least 2 sessions in order to achieve the best desired shape, depth, and dimension for the brows.

During the first appointment, the original shape is decided upon, and the brow is created.

On the second session, as long as the skin healed healthily, and pigment was retained properly – we will then continue to build up your brows, as well as fixing any minor fading that may have occurred.

We may also add extra shading for a more makeup-y look.


And there you have it!

These are all the most commonly asked questions that I get, so I hope having them all in one place can help someone!

If there is anything that I may have missed, please reach out below or contact me through Instagram, @flawlessedgebeauty.

My goal is to help everyone go into their brow appointment feeling confident and ready for the procedure! I’m here to help!

If there is anything else you’d like to know or share, drop it below. 🙂

Or let me know – Have you had your brows microbladed before? What was your experience like? If something went wrong, let me know, as I’d love to learn how I can best correct it!

Can’t wait to create your best brows,



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