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Hey brow babes! My name is Ashley; I am the owner of Flawless Edge Beauty. Welcome!

This site is designed to help microblading clients and artists alike. From information on microblading procedures, to products, to bookings, FEB is the home-base for all your microblading needs!


I’ve always had a huge passion for art, ever since I was a little girl. I would spend hours upon hours sitting in my room, drawing people, animals, faces… you name it. As a teen in high school, I took my first real art class – and I aced it. At the young age of 16, I began drawing pencil portraits so accurately, that people would usually mistake them for a photo!

I soon began drawing portraits professionally; my drawings were very detailed, and I put so much time and care into each one. Once people started to see them, they wanted a piece of their own. Creating a piece of art for someone that had meaning and value – the feeling I got from that was irreplaceable.

As I’d been moving through life, finding time for pencil drawing seemed to be increasingly difficult. I began showing my portfolio to my coworkers and friends because I missed sharing my work.

Pencil work by Ashley

One day, out of nowhere, a friend suggested that I pursue microblading – with the detail, accuracy, and care that my artwork demonstrated, microblading sounded like a perfect fit. And, it would allow me to share and express one of my favourite skills again.


After researching microblading for months, the desire stuck with me. I needed to pursue this career; I would be able to share my passion for fine detail again. Along with this, I began to develop new goals.

I wanted to learn how to help people flaunt the brows of their dreams!


I got down to business and completed my microblading certification with MicroBeauty Studio. I was also required to become Bloodborne Pathogens certified; and after that, I decided to obtain my own business license and insurance.

I don’t just talk the talk – I’ve had my own eyebrows microbladed as well! I know exactly how the experience will feel for my clients; I can provide accurate information as to what to expect.

Feel confident knowing you are in good hands with me at FE Beauty.


As someone who naturally had sparse, light eyebrows, I totally feel the struggle of getting up early EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Just to fill them in.

I could have slept for ten more minutes! Ten minutes every day for a year.. I’m missing 60 hours of sleep!

The struggle continues at the gym, where sweat could easily wipe away my morning’s efforts. It continues, outside in the rain – being in Vancouver, commuting outdoors to work in the winter is dangerous for filled-in brows. And forget about pools and steam rooms, that is way too risky for obvious reasons.

Now, although this may sound superficial to some, I’m here to tell you that the insecurity is real.

I’ve felt it.

And I believe that each person deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin! That is why microblading is so important to me – it gives women the opportunity to empower themselves, to make a decision to invest in themselves, and to ultimately give us one less thing to worry about in our daily lives… We have enough of that already, don’t we?!


TO MY CLIENTS: Here you will find all the information you need on what to expect when you get your brows microbladed. I’ve included information on preparation, the procedure, and the healing process. I’m here for you! Having your brows microbladed is an exciting experience that will make your life easier in the long run.

TO MY FELLOW MICRO-ARTISTS: Here you will find tips, tools, and products that will ultimately change your brow game for the best! We’re all in this industry together, and I’m happy to support your success here at FEB!

I’m so happy to help you, wherever you may be in your microblading journey.

So feel free to explore my site, learn a little, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions!


Here’s to beautiful brows,



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