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So, you’ve left all of your Christmas shopping for last minute?

…Don’t worry, so did I.

It can be a daunting task to find the perfect gift for every lady on your list at this time of year. Especially when trying to navigate the Christmas-crazy, packed shopping malls and stores!

Luckily, there’s a much easier way!

I’ve put together a list of my favourite beauty and self-care products when I’m stumped for gifts. From stocking stuffers to big ticket items, there is sure to be something perfect for that special someone!

Whether it be your mother, sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend.. there is something for everyone in the world of online shopping.

1. Travel Makeup Brushes

When on the road, it can be all too easy to leave your favourite eyeshadow brush sitting in the hotel bathroom (I’ve done it – and it’s so sad).

So this is one of those gifts that will always be useful.

From her makeup case, to her purse, to her suitcase, having travel-sized makeup brushes will forever come in handy.

This one even comes with a cute little makeup case.

2. Aloe Fuzzy Socks

Cozy, fuzzy socks always end up being one of my favourite gifts on the receiving end. Simple, but highly effective!

These ones infused with aloe feel like you’re walking on clouds. Plus, they make your feet feel nice and soft!

Keep those toes toasty on Christmas morning and slip on a pair of these.

3. Clean Skincare

I don’t often recommend skincare products, as many are full of chemicals and quite abrasive to the skin.

BUT, if you are looking for a clean, high-quality serum to gift, this is the one!

AnneMarie Borlind creates natural beauty products that are effective in helping you achieve your best skin. They’re one of my most favourite makeup and skincare brands.

Try this anti-aging, pore-refining serum; it activates the production of collagen and elastin, helping the skin regain and sustain its youth.

4. Weighted Blanket

Beauty sleep is so underrated these days!

I look and feel my best when I get a full 9 hours. Bye-bye baggy eyes!

Rest deeply underneath the cover of one of these weighted blankets, the ultimate way to stay cozy warm and relaxed on cold winter nights.

5. The Perfect Mirror

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received was my makeup mirror.

What makes it special is that it lights up on the sides so you can see everything, PLUS it doubles as a speaker for your phone!

That’s basically 3 gifts in one. She’s going to love it.



6. On-The-Go Selfie Light

I know, I know, it looks super corny. But the reality is that these selfie lights are both cute and functional!

These tiny selfie lights clip easily onto your phone and light up your beautiful face for perfectly balanced lighting!

Help a friend step up their selfie game by slipping one of these into their stocking.


7. Spa Gift Cards

The easiest of them all! Choose her favourite beauty salon or makeup shop, and buy her a gift card. You can even customize some eGift cards to be sent on Christmas Day when you buy it beforehand!

If you’re local to Vancouver, check out the eGift cards for my microblading studio! 😉

Save 10% until Dec. 24, 2019 using the code HOLIDAY10.


8. A Great Pair Of Tweezers

Super glamorous, right? Either way, this is a super useful gift that will last a long time.

Get those pesky brow hairs that grow outside of your beautifully defined microbladed brows with a high-quality pair of tweezers.

9. Pro Ring Light


Now, a great ring light makes a HUGE difference in the quality of photos and/or the process of microblading!

Does the lady in your life run her own PMU business, or even enjoy filming Instagram or YouTube videos?

If so, she will love you for generously gifting her a great ring light!



10. Makeup Remover Towels

Specifically designed to be gentle, cleansing, and reusable, these little towels are the ideal way for her to take her makeup off after a long day!

Erase Your Face with confidence that you’re putting the best on your skin, always.



Happy Shopping!

Now you can sit back, relax, and do all your last-minute Christmas shopping from the comfort of your home!

…Quickly, though. Make sure you give enough time for shipping!

Every lovely lady on your list will have a useful, thoughtful gift that will enhance their natural beauty.

Save yourself the time, stress, and effort by ordering your gifts online (I know I am).

Sites like Amazon do tend to ship pretty quickly, especially if you’re a Prime member.

Let me know down below – what great gifts have you already gotten for the special people in your life? What is your favorite kind of gift to receive?

If you have any questions or feedback about these gifts, drop me a comment as well! 🙂

Happy Holidays, lovelies!



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